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Sponsoring and donations – English.

Sponsorship and donations.

You want to sponsor a kid also ?
The costs are € 70.00 per year school fees Tree of Life Nursery and for secondary education at the Amazing Grace School € 120.00 per year. Of these, the teachers are partially paid, the textbooks, school uniforms and all kinds of extra things they need. The school fees that you pay to us for your child, will be handed over by us personally or by Mr. Ousman Cham our representative, and in parts to the headmaster. So we know exactly what happens to it.

Every month a container departs from the Netherlands threw various forwarders. With this container we send all boxes collected by us and you can also send us a box for your child for a fee of € 11,00 (e.g. backpack, notebooks, pens, clothing, toiletries, balloons, toys, sweets, cuddly toys, photos of yourself or your family). If necessary, you can also donate a large bag of rice (50KG) to the family, this costs approx. € 28.00 and with this a family does more than 2 months, we buy these bags in Gambia and support the local middle class with them. We place the handing over of the boxes and rice online and on our Facebook site.

In gratitude we receive donations, which ensure that we can guide more projects. In order to continue our work, we just need donations. We are almost entirely dependent on the gifts of generous people, who show that they believe that giving and receiving are the same.

Stichting Gambia Geven met Liefde
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Below is a list of things they can use well, please note± Never send liquids like shampoo`s- bathgel or whatever to The Gambia, customs do not accept this anymore since 2022 and can give serious delay