4 Maart 2020.

Hardwerkende politieagenten in het nieuw gestoken en meteen vrienden gemaakt op het bureau.
Met dank aan Westerlaken voor de kleding, Evelyne Blok voor het versturen naar ons en Marianne & Loe voor het contact.

Senegambia TSU recommendation letter:
March 4th 2020. Donation of reflective jackets and coats.
To support the fight against crime in Senegambia area, Monique and Fred Eringaard handed over a donation of reflective jackets and coats to Tsu. The handed over of 5 boxes was done in commander’s office with his team who were very appreciative of the donation, stressing that the jackets will not only serve to assist Tsu but will increase the safety precautions for traffic cops especially at night. This is just a small token of our support towards constant fight against crime said Monique, commander Kambi thank Monique and Fred with his heartfelt appreciation for partnering with Tsu and emphasized the important of ensuring the safety of police -and traffic officers in carrying out their duty.