Update Oktober 2016:

During our stay in Oktober we found out that Mundo was transfered by his mother to S.O.S children`s village. Therefor we decided to stop sponsoring due the fact we do not know the exact location.

During our 2nd stay (after the first stay in januari 2016 we were caught by GAMBIA) we had to distribute the banana boxes which we send by the foundation Goods for Gambia. During splitting these cartons a little guy around 2 years old was following our movements with the cartons. The little quy was only dressed in underwear but his smile caught my attention.

After several minutes i heard someone screaming “Mundo Mundo” , the little guy left so i new his name for now. I think hè explained his mother that white people are busy with boxes and he was curious. For sure his mother was curious to, so she came to us and asked what we were. doing. We explained that we shipped some cartons to Gambia with clothes for some people we met during our stay in Januari, these clothes we shipped to support them. The mother left without any questions however 20 minutes later she came back and asked of we had something left for little boy Mundo.

Her eyes and the way she asked was enough for us to invite her in the warehouse. Monique immediately checked some boxes and found some t-shirts-trousers-underwear and some other stuff which we showed the mother as well little Mundo. Those eyes…we will never forget. Mundo fits all and we dressed him in all new clothes and gave some extra to. The mother explained her situation, her husband was killed during a car accident in februari, 7 People died and many were injured. We knew about this terrible accident already,but now we had the feeling we were little involved in this case.

In Gambia there is no insurance, if you lost life in an accident…the family does have a serieus financial problem (all though the salary is less than 30 euro a month). For this amount people can live and buy food pay electricity , water bill and even clothes. Without an income from the man it is hard to survive. Eating mango all day because these trees are everywhere,but meat and rise….no way.

Mundo and his Mother left and went home 25mtrs from the warehouse. All though we gave a lot, and both were happy we were curious about the way they lived we went to their house. It was maximum 2x3mtrs and only a mattress on the floor 140x180cm. We were shocked and realized that this was GAMBIA lifestyle….After a while we decided to buy some food and we bought 50kilo best rise there is and we gave some dalasi for meat.

We discussed with the mother that we bring some clothes, medicines and toys each time we will visit Gambia, in this way they have a little better life. In Oktober 2016 we will update with some more details concerning this family.